Always lock your doors and close windows at night and when you go out. Do not let strangers into your home unless they can show you an ID card to prove who they are. The Police in the UK are here to help. They prevent and investigate crime and seek to protect life and property. They also work closely with communities to ensure that everyone is safe. You can contact them by: In an emergency - call 999

When to call 999

  • If someone is seriously ill or injured, or their life is at risk.
  • If a serious offence or crime is in progress or has just been committed. 
  • If someone is in immediate danger or harm. 
  • Property is in danger of being damaged.
  • There is a fire

When you dial 999, an operator will ask you what service you need:

  • Fire and Rescue 
  • Ambulance 
  • Police


Call 101 when the situation does not require an emergency response. Such as:

  • If your property gets damaged.
  • If you suspect drug use or drug dealing in your neighbourhood.
  • To report a stolen vehicle.
  • To give the police some information about crime in your area.
  • To speak to a police officer about a general enquiry.

The local police website is

Safety at home

Always use the correct plug for your electrical sockets. Do not attempt to put foreign objects or bare wires in the plug socket for your own safety. 

You may need adapters for any electrical goods you’ve brought from your homeland. 

NEVER use electrical items, plug sockets or change light bulbs if you have wet hands.

Make sure that your gas or electrical appliances are turned off when you are finished using them (this will also save you money).

If you smell gas in or near your home call the National gas emergency number 0800 111 999

Fire Safety

Do not accumulate clutter in your home as this could be a fire risk.

You will have a smoke alarm in your home which will make a loud noise if it detects smoke. If the smoke alarm sounds and you know the cause you can stop it by pressing the button in the middle.

If you discover a fire or if the alarm is activated and you don’t know the cause, you should:

  • Leave the building
  • Call 999 and ask for the Fire service 
  • Tell the operator your address 

Do not enter the building until the Fire Officer tells you it is safe to do so.


Do not leave water running unattended to avoid flooding.

Do not put anything other than toilet paper down the toilet as this could also cause flooding.

Check that you know how to turn the mains water off. 

If you find a water leak please contact your landlord.

Find someone to talk to

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