About Us

Why we exist

Put simply, it’s because refugees arriving in Worthing have a great need of a warm welcome, support, safety and justice as they integrate into the local community. 

Our ethos is drawn from a long Christian tradition of caring for all people, regardless of background, faith or culture, and especially those in need of shelter, food, clothing, and support as a result of being displaced or circumstances beyond their control. Jesus himself was a refugee and called us to love one another. 

Our Christian faith therefore is our motivation, not our hidden agenda, and our volunteers and supporters are those who have good will and care for those in need, regardless of any faith or none.

How did this start

In March 2011, the world woke up to the news that war had erupted in Syria. The conflict has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and more than 5 million have fled. In 2015 the British government pledged to resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next five years. Since then there have been troubles and wars in other countries, resulting in more people fleeing their homelands and seeking shelter in a safe country.

Like others across the UK who have responded to these crises, a group of Worthing church leaders came together in 2015 and Worthing 4 Refugees was formed. Local Christians had a vision for the Worthing area to be a place of welcome, safety, integration and justice for refugees. Registered as a charity in 2016, the work has grown since then and we are seeing the positive results of welcoming and integrating resilient people who have arrived in our town.

Where we work

We provide support and help to refugees, people seeking asylum and displaced people in the Worthing district area.

Our values

We aspire to live up to these values in all we do:

  • Empowering and supportive
  • Loving and relational
  • Family and communities
  • Respect and graciousness
  • Listening and learning
  • Professional and caring
  • Available and boundaries

Volunteers and partners

Worthing 4 Refugees relies almost exclusively on volunteers and we have over 100 fantastic people who run social activities for adults and children, support English learning, deal with practical issues, help with translation, attend appointments and fill in forms and much more. We work alongside others including Adur Ukrainian Support Association, Community Works, West Sussex County Council, Adur and Worthing Borough Councils, City of Sanctuary UK, The Good Faith Partnership and the Home Office.

2023 Annual report

See a roundup of our 2023 in our annual report, which can also be found on the Charity Commission website, along with previous reports.

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