The currency in the UK is the Pound Sterling (£) GBP . £1 (one pound) = 100p (100 pennies, or pence). Cash is accepted in most places but increasingly people use debit/credit cards to pay for goods and services. There are 4 notes - £5, £10, £20 and £50. In Britain prices are generally fixed and it is not normally appropriate to barter or bargain over prices.


The main benefit you will be entitled to is Universal Credit. You will need to register at Jobcentre Plus and on your first visit you will need to give 6 electronic signatures. The Jobcentre will explain what you have to do to keep receiving your money. 

We will arrange for you to have English lessons and to help you look for work. 

Your benefits will be paid into your bank account. 

If you do not keep your appointments at the Jobcentre your benefits will stop and this may put your home at risk.

Read more information about Universal Credit:

Bank accounts

We will help you to open a bank account.

You will need to go to a bank with your Biometric Residence Permit as proof of ID and your Tenancy Agreement for proof of address. 

You will need to sign a document and in a few days they will send you a bank card and a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). You must memorise your PIN number or keep it somewhere very safe. 

You can use your bank card to purchase items from shops or to get cash from an ATM (cash machine). 

You can use your bank account to pay your bills and we will show you how to do all of this.

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