Local Travel


There are buses that travel around Worthing and surrounding areas and we will show you how to use them and how to get a bus pass. For details of bus routes and timetables please visit the website below: 



Worthing has regular train services to/from Brighton, Gatwick Airport, Portsmouth, Southampton, and London. Train times and tickets can be found at www.nationalrail.co.uk


Taxis are frequently available and will have “TAXI” displayed clearly on them.

Driving in the UK

If you already have a Driving Licence you can drive in Great Britain on your full, valid driving licence for 12 months from when you became resident. 

You will need insurance, tax and an MOT for your car (these are legal requirements and if you do not have these you will be liable for prosecution). 

You must wear a seat belt if a driver or passenger in a car and must obey the road laws. We can arrange to get you a copy of the Highway Code if you would like one or download the free ebook: www.highwaycodeuk.co.uk/download-pdf.html

After 12 months you’ll need to apply for a provisional licence and pass the theory and practical driving tests to drive in Great Britain.

If you do not currently have a Driving Licence and wish to drive you will need to arrange and pay for driving lessons. You then need to take the theory test and practical driving test. We can help you access this.

For more information visit: www.refugeehome.uk/driving-in-the-uk

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