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Our volunteers make a huge difference and we are so grateful to have people of good will who join us to help refugees in Worthing.

Who we’re looking for

Support workers

If you have work experience of doing support work for refugees and/or asylum seekers and would be willing to use these skills with those we support, please get in touch.

Interpreters and language speakers

If you have language skills such as Arabic, Ukrainian or Russian, especially if you could be available during the week to interpret or translate. Alternatively you could become a befriender who speaks the home language of a refugee and could enable refugees to have easy communication along with informal English conversation.

ESOL trained teachers

ESOL teachers offer 1-2 hours of lessons per week for one or more students. ESOL teachers will need to monitor progress, log lessons, and may need to liaise with other ESOL teachers.

Qualified trauma counsellors

Refugees may need trauma counselling after they have arrived. Counsellors must be suitably qualified.

Decorators/DIY skills

We occasionally need help making the homes suitable for a refugee family.

General Volunteers

People willing to help out in a whole variety of ways e.g. transport, housing guidance, befriending, help filling in forms, organising special events, fundraising, the drop-in team and more.

Sometimes, people say ‘I’d like to help refugees but I don’t know how to get started.’ I volunteer with W4R as an English teacher. It means that I can use my skills and get to know the refugees as individuals in a safe and culturally appropriate way. It’s a privilege to get to know them and to help towards their independence.

Worthing 4 Refugees volunteer

Can you help?

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