Who are we?

Worthing 4 Refugees is a group of local Christians who have a vision for the Worthing area to be a place of welcome, safety, integration and justice for refugees. 

Working with West Sussex County Council, Adur and Worthing Borough Council, The Good Faith Partnership and the Home Office, we have begun by sponsoring a vulnerable Syrian refugee family. This means welcoming them to Worthing, providing them with somewhere safe to live and helping them to integrate with their local community as they begin a new life in a new country.


Christianity has a long tradition of showing compassion to the marginalised, Jesus himself was a refugee and the Bible speaks of God not just wanting his people to sing and praise him but to show their worship by breaking the chains of injustice, feeding the hungry, sharing their homes with the homeless and clothing those in need.

There are few people in the world more in need of our support than the thousands of families who have fled their homes in Syria in the hope of finding somewhere safe to raise their family. We want to be that support and help one family at a time find a place of safety.