Welcoming refugees from all nations to Worthing

Creating a culture of safety, integration and justice for refugees and displaced people in Worthing

Who we are

With a team of over 100 volunteers, and partnering with other organisations, we provide a range of services and support across the town to help refugees and people seeking asylum to integrate with the local community in Worthing as they begin a new phase in their life. 

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By making a gift, however large or small, you could make a huge difference to ensure a warm welcome and practical support for refugees who have fled their homelands and arrived in the Worthing area. Together we can make a real difference.

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We are

Person Centered

Refugees and asylum seekers are not their label but people and we keep that at the heart of what we do

We are

Community Focused

We build and strengthen the communities around displaced people arriving in Worthing

We offer

Practical Support

We seek to remove practical barriers to enable quick settling and integration.

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