Book Reviews

Not my worst day by Alex Mvuka Ntung

Alex came to the UK as an asylum seeker.  Originally from a nomadic cattle grazing tribe in the Congo, this book tells the story of his life as violence increases and his desire to get an education seems impossible.  However, this is a fascinating window on what creates the need for asylum, and also a triumph of hope, persistence and a will to move forward.  I’m happy to lend my signed copy of the book which I bought when I heard him speak in Hastings in 2019.

People like us by Hashi Mohamed

Hashi arrived in the UK as a child refugee and is now a London barrister.  He was raised on benefits and attended some of the lowest-performing schools in the country. Yet somehow he has achieved. He has also contributed to The Guardian and The Times and has explored class and mobility for the BBC.  ‘This book makes a deeply personal case for a world in which anybody can reach success, but doesn’t have to leave a part of themselves behind to achieve it.’ (David Lammy MP)

A hundred thousand welcomes by Tiffy Allen

This book is the story behind the City of Sanctuary movement.  It’s told through a tapestry of personal stories about welcoming refugees from all over the City of Sanctuary network (over 120 groups across UK and Ireland).  The stories are told by refugees and their friends, and they take us into the lives of ordinary people and shine a spotlight on ways that refugees have found a home and a welcome in these places.

Rebuilding the Ruins: Following God’s call to serve Syria by Samara Levy

In 2014 God called Samara Levy three times over 8 months to “start collecting” aid to send to Syria. Samara was a stay at home mum with two young boys with no experience whatsoever. It started with a vision to fill one lorry of aid, but four years later she has just loaded her 101st container, has sent 11 ambulances to Syria, set up a charity and distributed aid to more than 350,000 people in the Middle East. She has also visited Syria.  This book tells her story and what she has learnt about stepping out in faith and listening to God, and of how he uses the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary. She is based in Brighton.

Church pack

Refugee week church pack: ideas and resources to help all ages at your church engage with refugee issues during refugee week.  This pack was produced for Refugee Week 2021.

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